About Us

This year we will reach a landmark of 2 million appliances made since we started in 2011. It’s been an exciting journey as we constantly strive to keep ahead of the market with bold predictions about where technology will take us.
‘Go big’ was a mantra with built-in ovens as ‘go high’ was with EU energy ratings for extractor hoods. We predicted correctly and our product line-up is as relevant today as when we first started.
Our manufacturing process is becoming increasingly automated as we search for greater efficiency and quality. We search for the best capital equipment and import it from wherever the best is made.
Most importantly, we want to work with you. You’ll find us competitive and accommodating. We are sure we will become friends.

Contact Us

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Guangdong AOMS Electrical Appliances Co. Ltd
No.3, Keji 10 Lu, Xingtan Industrial Park
Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China

0086 757 2636 3020